Sunday, February 27, 2011

Februaury continued...

On the 13th, I almost passed out. I did alot of things wrong that day, so it was totally my fault. I know what to watch out for now. Other than that, I really haven't had any problems. So I have been pretty lucky. I hope my third trimester is as good as the first and second were.

On the 8th, we had our first labor and delivery class. We enjoyed it. We got to see the delivery, c-section, and hospital stay rooms. They all seemed nice. I'm sure I won't want to spend too much time there, haha. On the 16th, we had our second day of the class. We have heard about most of the things covered in class, but we got to see a visual of it all. So that made more sense to me. I am very impressed with how much danny knows. I think he might actually know more than me. I'm embarrased to say that. Could he be doing research when I'm not looking?!

On the 10th, I met up with Chrissy and Ethan (her 6 month old) in Greenwood. Us 3 ate at City BBQ, and then we went to Babies r us. Chrissy helped me with our baby registry. She gave me some good ideas on products she likes. I thought she might know what she's talking about, since she has done this 3 times. :) I relaly like babies r us, but it is so big. I was overwhelmed. I left there with a headache, haha.

The next day, Jamie went with me to Target to register. Target has a small section of baby stuff. That seemed more like my confort zone. But definately not as much of a selection as Babies r us. We also went to Walmart. I decided to register there too because they have always had better prices on some things. So it was worth a try.

I'm definately feeling Blake more. My first feelings were not like "flutters." they were strong. So then I wasn't quite sure what I was feeling. I was car shopping one night, and I felt like some one on my insides playing the drums. Maybe we have a musician on our hands. I definately feel him more in the evenings. I think he sleeps when I eat dinner. Then once my dinner gets to him, he's wide awake, haha. I will feel him just a tiny bit off and on throughout the day, but it's mostly after dinner.

More to come later,

Saturday, February 26, 2011

5 Months Pregnant!

Februaury 7th was our 5 month appointment. First part of of appointment, we had an ultrasound. Wahoo! She asked right off if we want to know what the sex is. I said, of yes. Is it Alayna Kaye, or is it Blake Aaron?... She said, It's a boy. She knew right off, and sounded pretty confident. She showed us what was his "tallywacker" and what was the umbilical cord. So, it was definately a boy. Heartbeat was 150. So it is beginning to drop a little, but this is normal. She said he has all 4 chambers to his heart. Very good thing. He is measuring June 29th as my due date, and weighing about 11 ounces. We almost have a 1 lb baby. I can't believe it. He definately found his hands. He's already sucking his thumb. I found out I have an anterior placenta. Bothers me a little bit, but I know it's common, and it always works out ok. So, I'm sure we will both be ok.

After ultrasound, we met with Dr. Huffman. I finally gained some weight. I'm up 6 lbs. My belly is also measuring 20 cm, right on schedule. I'm definately noticing changes in my body.

More to come,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...

Or maybe a few words...these are ultrasounds from our first appointment, at 8 weeks. I guess you can probably tell that by that weird shape of our body. :) First picture is 2D photo of our frog. The next photo is the back of our baby. The bottom photo is my favorite. He or she is looking at us. :)

Sorry, the pictures look bad. I can't figure out the scanner. I keep having probalems with it.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Third doctors appoinment

January 12th, third doctors appointment. I took my mom to this appointment. My mom loved hearing the hearbeat. Dr. Huffman said heartbeat was about 160. She said this was still perfect, and over the next couple of months, it might slow down. At this appoinment, I lost 3 pounds, so now I'm back to gaining 0, during my pregnancy. My blood pressure has still been great. She also said that over the next few weeks, I might start to feel the baby. Let me go back a week or so...

January 2nd, Sunday, Danny and I had just gotten in bed. He received a phone call from his mom saying that their apartment was on fire, so Danny rushed over there. I was worried for his parents, and I was worried for Danny getting there safely. Danny's parents have oxygen tanks around their apartment for his mom, so I was worried about them blowing up. I got down on my knees by my bed and prayed for them. While I was praying, I felt something in my belly. In the middle of my stomach, I felt a pretty stong: tap tap....tap. I thought, could it be?. No, it's too soon. So I ignored it. I was 15 weeks at this time. Then, that follwing Thursday, I felt something else. Danny and I were laying on the couch. I had a feeling pretty high up in my belly. It was on the right, just below my rib cage. It felt like someone drummed their fingers just once, or rolled their knuckles. And I thought again, no way. It was too strong, and too high up. I didn't mention these to my doctor, because I just think I will know for sure once the baby starts moving more. I will have to figure it out on my own, if that really was our baby moving. If it was...I am afraid that I am going to have a vampire baby. EEk. Maybe we will name it Renesmee if it's a girl. :)

I am 4 months along now, time is flying by. I will post more later.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Second doctors appointment

December 15th, second doctors appointment. We are 12 weeks now. I have gained 3 pounds since we came in to get clomid.

I have heard that most miscarriages happen before 10 weeks. So, I was still alittle nervous coming in to this appointment. We sat down with our doctor and went over information that we needed to know, and went over my questions. Then...the moment we've been waiting for. The heartbeat.

Dr. Huffman said that the heartbeat can be hard to hear at 12 weeks. So it might take a moment. So, I began to wait patiently. But she found it right off. She said it's not normally that easy. She said heartbeat sounded great. What a relief. I love hearing that heartbeat sound. There's nothing like it.

I have been pretty tired these past couple months. Over the next couple of weeks, I began to get some energy back. It is winter time, so it has been hard for me to get any exercise. Our house is a disaster becasue we have been rearragning to make room for our baby, so I am not able to to even get to my eliptical. But I'm not even sure if I would have the energy for that, haha. So, I still feel like I am just very out of shape, but I'm not laying on the couch every evening now. I felt my worst in the evenings. I didn't even want to move.

I'm beginning to get comments that I have a little bit of a baby bump. I don't notice it, but I see myself everyday. The people that have told me, are people that haven't seen me for a while.

I have made it through my first trimester, woohoo. I will post more later.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

First doctors appointment

Monday November 17th. First Dr. appointment. The day is finally here. We finally find out if I'm really pregnant, and if I can really get pregnant, because I still don't believe it.

First thing we did was an ultrasound. I was a nervous wreck. I went in there thinking, the test has to be wrong, I can't get pregnant. So, it's not going to show a baby, and were going to have to wait until the next month to start clomid.

Ultrasound tech started to do ultrasound. I didn't see anything, but like I knew what I was looking for. And then I saw it, wasn't quite sure what I was looking at but I knew it was a baby. Danny came over and held my hand, and I just started crying. I'm crying now, thinking back about this. I didn't think it was possible, and we saw a baby in my belly. It was true! Those pregnancy tests really do work. We really can get pregnant. Then my fear was no heartbeat. I wans't hearing anything, and I was afraid to ask. And then I thought the tech read my mind. She played the heartbeat. Our baby was alive. I didn't think any of this was possible. It really is a miracle! She described everything to us. And then we finished up. I got my eyes cleaned up, and then I told her, "I was afraid that we wouldn't see anything."

The tech printed our baby pictures, and told us that we were about 8 weeks along, weeks flipping over on Mondays, and due June 27th.

Here is 1 ultrasound picture. I'm not very good at scanning. So I will try to get the others up later. This is the right side of our baby girl or boy.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our new life begins here...

This is the story of our how life is changing forever. :)

January 31st 2010, I took my last birth control pill. (I just posted something on facebook about this, and I had the date wrong, in case you were confused about this.) I had been taking my prenatal vitamin for over a month at this point. Started logging anything I possibly could on my calender.

Febuary, I had my yearly exam this month. I asked my doctor basically if I was ok to start trying. She said definately. So, this month, we naturally tried conceiving. No luck this month.

March, started logging cycles in Trying to Conceive calenders. They helped me distinguish when I could be ovulating.

April, tried to be patient. No luck.

May, read new TTC tips online...didn't help.

June, same thing this month. :) no such luck.

July, started ovulation kits. This helped me. We made an appointment with my doctor to see what we can start doing next. She said I should have my progesterone levels checked, have an HSG xray done, then, if needed, have Danny checked. After we did all of that, we could come back and see her, and we would discuss clomid.

August, ovulation kits again. On August 4th, had progesterone test done. This would show if I have ovulated. Result was 4.67, should be around 12. :( So Dr. says I should come back in 1 week. I could just be a late ovulator. Result the follwing week was 1.3, yikes! Time for step #2. On August 19th, day 7 of my cycle, I had the hysterosalpingogram done. It is an xray that flows dye through my female organs to see if there are any obstructions. If there are obstructions, they will clear those away. Also, that would be obstucting you from possibly getting pregnant. Alot of women have gotten pregnant with a couple months of having this done, it's like cleaning out your female parts. This x-ray was not fun by any means. They put a balloon inside, and then it up, that is the part I did NOT like. Little cramping during that. Then they flow dye through your female organs. You get to watch the whole thing, that part is fun. Process itself, took maybe 4 minutes. Your in the room for about 20 minutes for the prepping, proceedure, and cleanup. Anyways, my results came back clean, literally. Time for step #3, UGH. Danny's turn. We obviously weren't looking forward to this. So, It took awhile until he actually did this one.

September's here. My wish was to be pregnant by the time I was 30, no pressure now. My birthday is October 4th. We tried to take things easy this month, and not worry about anything, and just hope that it would naturally happen. Nope, wrong. So, we had Danny's test all planned out! One more test, and were guaranteed to get some pills and have a baby!!!! Moving on to October...

October, I passed the age 30 mark on the 4th, :(. On the 6th, I rushed Danny's...sample to the hospital. WATCH Out! You would have thoought I was tranporting an organ, I was not allowing cars within 50 feet of me. And I had it planned out, if someone wrecked in to me, I was just going to run. Nothing was going to stop me! Side note, October 13th, I had Jamie drive my car on our way home from the Covered bridge festival. At one point, I was scoping out my options of what I could throw up in. I see a grocery bag, that I empty it's contents. I just stayed still, and hoped that it would pass. I knew if I said something about that, Ellen would make us stop to get a pregnancy test. And I could not let them find out before my own husband. So, I kept quiet, and it passed. Another side note: October 19th, I went to have my yearly TB test done. That previous couple of days, I was HOT. I even started carrying deodarant. I never have to reapply my deodarant. weird. Anyways, to have my test done, they have to check your temp before doing this. It was 99.7. Her first question was, "you could be ovulating." ahahaha, I said, no, I don't do that. Then she said, that I could be getting a cold. Jamie said that I came back to work with a huge grin on my face. I think I had that feeling that something else was going on. Next step, October 20th, we met with my Doctor to get results, and discuss Clomid, woohoo. Danny's results, his boys were extrodinary! Don't tell him I said that, he likes to brag about it. So, he definately wasn't the problem. My organs were clean, but I just wasn't ovulating. :( Who cares, we now have clomid, haha. Danny got that perscription filled for me. And then that Saturday, October 23rd, we left for Myrtle Beach. My cycles range from 30-38 days and rotate every month. 1 month, it's near 30 days, next month, near 38, and they rotating. This month should be about 30 days. I get worked up every month, and I think that can delay the start of me new cycle. So, I just take a test, see a negative sign, and then I relax. :) Sunday in Myrtle Beach, I was on day 35. So, I woke up and took a test. I know plenty of people who have found out that they were pregnant on those dollar tree tests. So, I know I would totally trust them. SO, that's what I used. It said positive. hmmm, that's never happened before. And I can't get pregnant. So, I said Danny, go get me another one, this says something I have never seen before. He's smiling, but obeys his wife. I took the second one, and same thing. hmmm, what do these two signs mean?. Danny says, "your pregnant!" I said, "there's no way." So, I said, we have to go get a namebrand test. These are defective.

Danny was calling his family before we even get to CVS. Once we got back to our hotel, I took the test. I told Danny that if I was pregnant, it would show up even in the evening. So that's when I took it. It was positive. I still didn't believe it. My dad had to work that day, so I waited until he got home to call my mom. She is very very excited. Danny's mom had said something soon before this, to the extent that she has know I was pregnant. She had that feeling. But she was still very excited. Now I was able to tell people. I emailed Chrissy a picture "of a pretty palm tree" atleast that's what I told her. And She must have knew I was up to something, because she immediately checked her email, and called me. I think she was crying, and I couldn't stop crying. I was still in shock, so I couldn't wait for my doctor's appointment. I had to wait until the next day to call my doctor, ahhh. Felt like forever, yes, it was only the next day. Anyways, they said they couldn't see me until I was 8-10 weeks! 8-10 weeks. Ahhhh again. At this point I was 4 1/2 weeks.

I will tell more later...